Event pontoons - Public viewing floating platforms

Since the FIFA® World Cup 2006™, public viewing has become a term for an unforgettable open air experience for more than only sports enthusiasts. Is your town or municipality located close to water and equipped with a riverside walk or a meadow which is inviting? We think that this would provide the perfect place for a summertime cinematic experience or an exciting football match in large format with a view on a floating rent a float public viewing pontoon-platform.

Often, the public viewing experience is simply a question of the location concerned, because town centres and community market squares only seldom provide the space required for a large public viewing system and also the respective space for the public. The relocation of the public viewing area to water is an attractive alternative. Several towns and municipalities have already practised this successfully using rent a float public viewing floating platforms and are therefore able to offer their inhabitants and those in close-by towns and municipalities a very special leisure time highlight for the entire family.

rent a float by Europonton GmbH offers you public viewing floating platforms in all desired sizes with an easy-to-install screen or also large LED screens at unbeatable rental prices. If desired, we take on the entire technical realisation and monitoring of the floating pontoon public viewing floating platform in full.

A really special cinematic experience and quality of life – made possible by rent a float public viewing floating platforms!

Contact us, we would be happy to assist you with any questions you have related to our public viewing pontoon floating platforms!