Pontoon bridges - mobile floating bridges

The origin of the pontoon floating elements (from the Latin ponto: “bridge”) is the mobile bridge, also known as the floating bridge or ship’s bridge. Pontoon bridges have already been used for several decades to bridge small or large waters. Whether for pedestrians, vehicles or materials transport, the load-bearing capacity, flexibility, variability and safety of the modern rent a float pontoon bridges convince time and time again.

You need not look far to find the advantages of the pontoon bridges: mobile pontoon bridges or floating bridges are quick and cheap to build, can be extended using a modular system, boast a very high load-bearing capacity, resistant to weathering and maintenance-free. Therefore they can also be used in the long-term, but can also be disassembled fast if required.

Now a days, pontoon bridges are not only used as temporary bridges: especially in Norway and the USA, pontoon bridges are also used as long-term floating bridges. For example, the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge has a length of 2019m and is therefore one of the longest long-term pontoon bridges worldwide!

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