Self-sufficient pontoons for floating events

Floating stages for all events

The highlight of a really special event is definitively a floating event platform as a floating stage. The visual and felt impression is unique and remains a lasting positive memory for all concerned. The element of water with its unique atmosphere offers an exclusive setting for events on floating pontoon show stages and event platforms as well as the presentation of actors.

The field of application for the rent a float event pontoons is widespread, varying from floating stages for concerts, product presentations with sustainable effects, public viewing platforms, advertising platforms for large-scale advertising banners with spectacular advertising effectiveness, floating catwalks for fashion shows in a really exclusive atmosphere, as party pontoons for company festivities and private celebrations up to floating fireworks platforms which provide the fireworks a magic je ne sais quoi through the mirroring effect in the water.

You can find floating rent a float by Europontons GmbH event pontoons as floating stages on lakes such as the Red Bull Flugtag pontoon podium in Marburg, in recreational swimming pools such as the event floating catwalk at Stefan Raab’s Pro7 [a TV channel] high diving programme in Munich, for smaller scale events also at the water’s edge or in hotel pools, e.g. as an individual party platform.

rent a float by Europonton GmbH has the corresponding pontoon system for rental in store for you for all conceivable floating events.

Perfect portoon solutions!

rent a float event pontoon floating elements are delivered promptly and reliably throughout Europe, quickly assembled on location and disassembled and removed again equally quickly. With their load bearing capacity of up to 1,050 kg/m² for a triple pass version, rent a float event pontoons provide the perfect venue for your floating event. The load bearing capacity is sufficient for virtually all types of superstructure including roofing, safeguards as well as full event technology such as tripods, light show equipment and PA systems for music acts or moderation. Integrated power units also make it possible to realise large floating events without a connection to the “mainland”.

Floating pontoon event platforms can use virtually every landing stage and it is even unproblematic for shuttle boats to dock there. The maximum usable event pontoon floating platform size is virtually unrestricted, thus also providing the largest of floating events sufficient space for presentations.

JETfloat® event pontoons from rent a float by Europonton GmbH provide the perfect solution for all floating events!

Contact us, we would be happy to assist you with any questions you have related to our floating stages for your very special event!