Pontoon bathing islands and bathing platforms

Pontoon bathing platforms for indoor pools, lidos and lakes

Floating bathing islands and bathing platforms fulfil a large range of purposes: whether as relaxation and sun islands on open waters, games islands or jumping platforms in indoor pools and lidos, pontoon bathing islands from rent a float are a welcome station to swim to for more fun in water. Floating bathing islands consisting of the JETfloat® pontoon floating elements are always a gain for all kinds of recreational swimming pools.

Floating bathing platforms made of weather-resistant, UV-stable pontoon floating elements have several significant advantages as opposed to traditional wooden platforms on open waters. They are very safe and slip-resistant, have no sharp edges, no splinters of wood and of course no old, rusty nails, can be used for virtually unlimited periods and are absolutely maintenance-free. As pontoon bathing islands are predominantly accessed barefoot and with light clothing, they provide essential advantages for the safety of your swimming guests.

The unbelievable variability of the bathing platforms is a further advantage of the rent a float pontoon bathing platforms. You can easily adapt the floating bathing islands’ size and shape and anchor them safely in the middle of the water or also close to the banks. If anchored directly at the bank, bathing platforms can additionally function as a floating jetty.

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