Camera pontoons – floating camera platforms

Mobile floating camera platforms are basic equipment for the film and advertising industries and used there everywhere for staging scenes where required by the script. Due to their high load bearing capacity, individual adaptability to the respective prerequisites on the film set and their independent power supply option, JETfloat® pontoons are the ideal platform for mobile cameras, camera cranes and even complete camera vehicles for spectacular tracking shots on water.

The fact that our floating JETfloat® camera platforms sway considerably less than boats, for example, and therefore the camera man and acoustic engineering team with their equipment can be provided with better security and therefore enable higher quality recording, speaks in their favour.

Floating camera platforms have now become indispensable on several film sets. Through a new perspective and the visual sense of standing directly over the water’s surface, they provide camera work with new impulses and forms of expression.

rent a float is able to realise virtually any requirement of its floating camera platform and enjoys vast experience through several successfully completed projects for the film and television industries (e.g. Bully Herbig’s “Wickie 2” [a film] and Stefan Raab’s Pro7 [a TV channel] high diving programme).

There are virtually no restrictions to the mobility of the camera pontoons on the water. Thus, a floating camera platform consisting of rent a float pontoon system elements can both be firmly anchored and also, for example, be moved to the point where the camera platform is actually required using a traction mechanism or an outboard engine which can be attached. Naturally, a swivelling seat unit, camera retainer and slinging points for security elements and attachment parts can also be assembled individually.

rent a float realises your camera platform requirements professionally – we are here to help you from the planning phase to implementation.

Contact us, we are happy to be consulted in all matters relating to our floating camera platforms consisting of the JETfloat® pontoon floating elements.