Event pontoons – Floating catwalk

Fashion shows not only impress with the lovely models and the fashion they present, a visually appealing atmosphere is also very important for a fashion show’s success.

A floating catwalk, rent a float’s floating catwalk, makes a fashion show a really special experience. Whether indoors in swimming pools or outdoors on calm waters, floating catwalks transport the fashion designers’ creative ideas and the graceful presentation of the models directly into the beholder’s eyes in an exclusive atmosphere.

Moreover, equipped with a professional light show and state-of-the art event technology a hitherto unseen audiovisual experience is created by the mirroring effect of the water. In particular for the presentation of swimwear, rent a float’s floating catwalk perfectly fits the topic of the overall concept of the fashion show.

Moreover, the pure element water gives the fashion show viewer freshness and naturalness, providing the presentation on the floating catwalk an impressive expressive nature.

Let yourself be inspired and impress your fashion show visitors. The floating catwalk from rent a float makes it possible!

Contact us, we are happy to be consulted in detail regarding our floating catwalk, floating for your fashion show!