Event pontoons – Floating fireworks pontoons

Fireworks are a fantastic experience in their own right. But try to picture the exploding fireworks in their full blaze of colour with an unrestricted view to water. The image alone is already highly enticing and then the water’s surface mirroring the entire interplay of colours on top of it! Everybody who was already privy to such sensational floating fireworks will maintain their memories of it for a long time to come. The floating JETfloat® fireworks pontoons from rent a float make it possible!

In order to guarantee smooth and above all safe procedures with your fireworks with our floating rent a float fireworks pontoons, we naturally work closely on-site with the pyrotechnicians and security staff. Our many years of experience enable us to contribute our know-how to the success of your floating fireworks.

Contact us, we are happy to be consulted in detail regarding our fireworks pontoons!