Pontoon systems - Floating JETfloat® elements

We write Safety with a capital “S” for the rent a float pontoon systems.

The floating elements for the rent a float by Europonton GmbH JETfloat® pontoon systems are manufactured using food safe Lupolen 5261 Z plastic, are 100% maintenance-free, frost proof and resistant to salt water, acids and bases. Furthermore, the JETfloat® pontoon floating elements are UV-proof and guarantee an extremely long product life without material fatigue.

The feature which makes the pontoon systems really stand out is their unbelievable flexibility – there is virtually no floating platform which cannot be realised using the pontoon floating elements. Individual variability and comprehensive accessories material make it possible to combine the JETfloat® pontoon systems with almost no restrictions, always changeable and extendable due to their modular nature.

The floating elements’ special profile makes them very safe and slip-resistant. Moreover, the floating systems are completely weather resistant. In contrast to what can happen if traditional wooden floating elements are used, the risk of injuries due to splinters of wood, nails and sharp edges do not exist for our pontoon systems. This is particularly advantageous for pontoon bathing islands and the floating catwalk as these pontoon systems are often trodden on barefoot.

rent a float pontoon floating elements are fully recyclable, thus offering an environmentally friendly alternative which has been used by several nature protection organisations for many years and which they are glad to recommend.

JETfloat® pontoon systems are Europe’s top modular floating elements!

Technical details of the floating elements

Pontoon single element

L x B x H = 50 x 50 x 40 cm.

Weight 6.0 kg

Pontoon double element

L x B x H = 100 x 50 x 40 cm

Weight 11.5 kg

Pontoon load capacity

Single pass: 350 kg/m2

Double pass: 700 kg/m2

Triple pass: 1,050 kg/m2

Pontoon heat resistance

-60°C / +80°C

Pontoon raw materials

Lupolen 5261 Z (BASF)

High molecular weight 0.952 g/cm3 (HD-PE)


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